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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eclipse Review

So I know this isn't necessarily related to GSM but I wanted to say what I thought about Eclipse so if you're interested great, if not no worries.

Warning: Again if you do not want to know ANYTHING about the movie in particular please don’t read it. I will be discussing certain scenes and although there shouldn’t be any spoilers plot wise, if you don’t want to know anything then stop reading right now.

Okay, so for starters I thought I should do a quick overview of how I reacted to the first two movies, just as a base. I like them, I think they’re fun to watch. However I thought there were A LOT of problems with them. I’m not one of those fans who nit picks little things because I realize that they have to change some things when you translate things from book to screen. It’s going to happen. That being said, I feel like in Twilight especially they took that to a whole other level. I was really disappointed in the development of Edward and Bella’s relationship and honestly if I hadn’t read the books I would have wondered why the hell they were so in love. Although I thought New Moon was a little melodramatic in the music, I thought they did a better job of developing Jake and Bella’s relationship there, so as Team Edward I was a little pissed that I found that to be a better movie in that aspect.

Okay moving onto Eclipse. So Eclipse is my favorite book of the series. I’ve read it the most times out of any. I love the intensity between Edward and Jacob, I love the backgrounds of the Cullens, love the intensity of Edward and Bella’s relationship, love the action. After the first two movies being a slight disappointment, And since this was my favorite book I felt like I was going to be a little more critical with it than the first two. I’ll just say I went in expecting the worst, and hoping for the best. I only say that because I thought the previews for the first two looked good and like I said was a little disappointed in the final project. Let me just say…Eclipse does not disappoint. That script that was "leaked" is very similar to the movie, but not exact. I know a lot of people did not like that script, but I thought it actually translated very well on screen.

The opening scene grabs you right away. It shows Riley being attacked and it’s a really intense part. It’s dark and rainy and you really feel the suspense. I really liked Riley the whole way through, he played his part extremely well and I was really happy with him, except for the fact that he was trying to kill people I like.

The acting in Eclipse is far superior to the first two, Kristen especially. I barely even recognized her (acting wise). There weren’t as many long pauses, or excessive blinking. I didn’t mind it before but it was a little distracting so I thought she improved really well on that. The only thing I literally hated about this entire movie was Bella’s wig. It didn’t look as bad as I was expecting but there were a few scenes that it was really distracting. In the long run, didn’t bring down the movie though. It’s just hair.

Rob looks stunning in this movie. I thought he looked terrible in New Moon, which is hard for me to say because it’s Rob, but it was true. They put him in terrible clothes and caked the makeup on and I just thought it made him look terrible. He’s truly back to his Twilight form or maybe even better in Eclipse. The clothes, hair, makeup is perfect. I also felt like Edward was a lot more playful in some of his scenes than he was before, which is something that I missed from the books. I felt like they wrote Edward as too brooding in Twilight and New Moon. He has a fun side and I think that was missing until now.

Jacob was Jacob. I’m not on Team Jacob as far as Bella goes, but I don’t hate him. His scenes with Bella were fun and intense. Seeing him interact with Edward more was interesting. The only thing I would say about Jake was it was really weird hearing him swear. I don’t know why it just sounded like it shouldn’t be coming out of his mouth, I know I’m odd.

Now for Jasper. Jasper, Jasper, Jasper. He is my favorite character in this whole series and let me just say he completely steals this movie, which makes me happy because he was barely in the first two. He’s a complete badass in the fight scenes and I loved seeing him more in his element. And I can’t even tell you how happy I was to see some cute Jalice moments. I think they are amazing and Stephenie should write their book.

And a short note about Charlie. Amazing like always. I don’t even think I have to say anything else.

I thought the flashbacks were perfect. In the book I thought they dragged on a little too long, but in the movie they’re perfect. It was cool to see Rosalie and Jasper in the past and see where they came from. It’s not too overbearing and you don’t get lost in them, which I was worried about.

The music and score was so well done, I loved it. Fit really well with each scene and wasn’t too much. Loved the wardrobe in general.

Now a few of my favorite scenes:

The sex talk with Charlie was hilarious. Billy played it so well and I actually felt the embarrassment that Bella felt.

The leg hitch. So much hotter than I was expecting. In fact the whole movie was quite a bit hotter in that department than I was expecting which I was happy about.

The brief graduation scene was great. Jessica’s speech was awesome. Seeing Edward in a graduation cap, priceless.

And of course the big fight at the end. I thought it was intense and very well done. I actually really liked how they portrayed the vampires and how they die. It’s different from the first two slightly, but I’m willing to overlook the continuity because I thought it was great. They literally can shatter like marble. For example in the big fight at the end, Emmett basically punches a newborn in the head so hard that it just shatters. Edward going all WWE badass on Riley and Victoria was awesome.

The rest of the audience seemed to receive it really well. They laughed when they were supposed to and I don’t think there were any “spidermonkey” or awkward Alice vision moments at all. And there were a lot more guys there than I was expecting and they actually looked like they really got into it so its definitely a guy friendly movie.

So overall I’d give it like a 4.5 out of 5. Definitely best of the series and I already want to go see it again. The way I judge if it was a good adaptation of the book is if I get the same feeling watching it that I got reading the book. That didn’t happen for the first 2, it definitely happened with this one. Not that I need to tell you but, go see it : )

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

GSM Chapter 9 Teaser

Here’s a little preview of the next chapter! It’s off to London so Edward can play in Wimbledon, which by the way in case you didn’t know is going on right now. Any predictions on how our boy is going to fare? Looks like Bella is taking the avoidance route to try and figure out what’s really going on with her and Edward.

Also on another note, who’s excited for Eclipse? I know some of you don’t get to see it yet and I send my heartfelt sympathies. I would go insane. I will be posting my review probably tomorrow on the blog in case you’d like to know what I thought. If not that’s okay too. Whatever floats your boat. I don’t think there can be too many spoilers since I assume most of us have read the books, but I guess if you’re trying to stay totally spoiler free for the movie then don’t read it when I post it : )

“Hey do you guys want to go get something to eat? We can go out after.” Emmett asked as we all separated to our respective rooms.

“Uh…no I think I’m just going to stay and unpack. I’m not really hungry,” I shook my head.

“Are you sure?” Alice said.

“Yeah you guys all go.” I smiled and started in to my room. “Have fun though.”

“Okay everyone meet down in the lobby in ten,” Emmett said, pulling Rose into their room.

Edward waited until everyone else was in their rooms before he started towards me.

“Do you want me to stay with you?”

“No it’s okay. Go out.” I tried to avoid his eyes. The trick is to look at the eyebrows.
That way it looks like you’re looking at them but you’re really not. A few inches lower would be the death of me.

“Okay,” Edward mumbled. He shuffled back to his room as I closed my door behind me.

My room was huge, probably almost the size of my apartment. There was a small living room area with a bar and a small kitchen. French doors off the living room opened up to a luxurious bedroom with a king sized bed and its own balcony and bathroom.

I plopped down on the bed and closed my eyes. “Operation Avoid Edward” was in full effect and so far I was doing good. I actually said no to him. Of course it was only to dinner so that wasn’t a big test, but it was something.

I unpacked all my clothes, hanging some up in the closet and putting the rest in the drawers. I barely even heard the knock on the door. I skipped over to it, expecting to find anything except for what I did.

“Hey I brought you some food.” Edward held out a box and came inside. “It’s a chicken sandwich, I hope that’s okay.”

“Um…yeah that’s fine. Thank you, you didn’t have to do that.” I glanced back at the door, assuming he was going to leave now.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go out with us? I mean I could stay in and we could watch a movie or something?” He stuck his hands in his pockets.

“Edward…” I sighed. “What are you doing?”

“I think we’re just headed to a bar down the street.”

“No I mean…what are you doing? What is all this?” I held up the box of food.

“Bringing food, medicine, staying in when your friends are going to the bar. That’s not who you are.”

He blinked a few times, trying to process what I’d just said. In all honesty I don’t know why I said it, but everything was just becoming too much.

“I…” He started. “I don’t really know who I am.”

Update will be either tomorrow or Thursday

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

GSM Chapter 6 Teaser

I know I was sitting in front of hundreds of people, but I literally felt like someone was just staring at me. Not just a casual glance, but enough to make me feel uncomfortable. I glanced behind Mike and sighed when I saw Edward just outside the tunnel. He bit down on his lip and twirled his racquet roughly in his hands as he stared at Mike and I. Actually it was more like glaring a thousand fucking daggers. I tried to pay attention to what Mike was saying, but I couldn’t break away from Edward. I felt like he had this hold on me, like I was only allowed to look away when he wanted me to. And he was holding his ground.

“Bella?” Mike asked.

I blinked a few times and let out a shaky breath as I forced my eyes to him. “I’m sorry what?”

“Would you want to go to a movie or something?” He smiled nervously.

“Oh. Um…I’m really busy with this job Mike I don’t really know if that’s a good idea.”

“Okay.” His shoulders fell.

Why was it so easy to say no to him? It was a simple word. No. How come it wasn’t even in my damn vocabulary as far as Edward was concerned?

“Excuse me.” I got up, hoping to make a graceful exit away from this situation. I noticed Edward was gone and I didn’t see anyone I knew, so I started down the tunnel hoping to run into Emmett, Alice or Rose.

As soon as I rounded the corner, someone grabbed my arm and pushed me gently back against the concrete.

“What were you doing with that douchetool?” Edward said. His eyes almost looked completely black with anger.

“Excuse me?”

“Newton. What were you doing with him?”

“Talking,” I shrugged and glanced down at his fingers grasped around my arm. “Let go of me.”

He sighed and released my arm, but didn’t falter in his gaze. “I didn’t like it.”

“Edward I’m a big girl, I think I can handle myself.” I started to walk away but he blocked my way with his arm. “Edward…” I narrowed my eyes at him and he dropped his arm.

“I’m…sorry. I’m just really stressed out and…” He clenched his eyes shut. His fingers gripped so tight around his racquet I was sure that he was going to snap it. A low rumble escaped his lips and I knew he was close to losing it.

“It’s okay.” I didn’t even think as I reached out to him and tilted his chin up. “Edward look at me,” I whispered. He finally opened his eyes again and they were just slightly softer than before, the emerald green barely tinting the outsides. “It’s okay.” I nodded.

He smiled sadly and turned away.

“Edward?” I called after him.


“Your forehands look amazing…” I smirked.

“Oh I love it when you talk dirty.”

So it looks like we're getting some of that competition you're all looking for ; ) I wonder if Jake's going to step back into the mix as well. I'm going for Thursday as the next update. Enjoy.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Edward POV

So I've had quite a few requests/questions about getting an Edward POV so I have decided that if/when we get to 750 reviews for this story I will post an outtake of EPOV. I'll post a poll with a few different choices once we reach this goal and you guys can pick which you'd like. I really appreciate it when you guys leave a review so I'd love to give you a reward as a thank you. I'll post this announcement with the next update as well.

GSM Teaser: Chapter 5

My breath hitched in my throat when they came into focus. Outside of the room, hidden around a corner I could see Edward. Or at least the back of him. He had her pressed up against the wall while he devoured her neck. Her legs were wrapped tightly around his waist, grinding her hips against his.

“Edward,” she giggled. “I just had my makeup done and now you’re messing it all up.”

I felt like I was going to throw up, but I wouldn’t give him that. I refused. I packed up my things, trying to hold back the tears that were starting to form in the corners of my eyes. Maybe if I was quick I could just scoot by them and he wouldn’t see me.

Just as I was about to step out of the room, Alice started down the hallway.

“Edward! Playtime is over, you have a commercial to shoot.” She didn’t even seem fazed by the fact that he was practically dry humping his cast mate in the hallway.

I stood frozen, at a loss of what to do. I set my camera down and placed my hands on the countertop, trying to steady myself. My stomach was in fucking knots. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, deciding to wait and leave the room after they’d gone. I could not….would not see him like this. I don’t know if I could stop myself from slapping that stupid motherfucker for making me feel like this. It was only one stupid kiss, why was I so upset right now? I knew that this was who he was and I still let it happen.

When I opened my eyes again Edward was standing in the hallway, his eyes wide as he stared at me. We just watched each other for a few moments. I tried desperately to control my breathing, but it came out in short, hard breaths.

“Bella…” He said smoothly.

“Don’t…” I shook my head. “Don’t.”

“Bella please…” He took a step inside and closed the door, trapping both of us inside.

“Please what?” I spun around. “This…” I motioned between us. “This is nothing. I knew who you were when I let…that happen and I shouldn’t have expected anything less from you. It doesn’t matter.”

“She doesn’t matter to me,” he said.

“And apparently neither do I. I was just another conquest for the famous Edward Cullen to take. Well fuck you. Now let me through.” I waved my hand, asking him to step aside.


“Let me…through.” I looked through him, trying to plan my escape. I couldn’t breathe.

“No. I want to talk about this.”

“Edward let me fucking go!” I screamed. I got tired of waiting and physically pushed him out of the way.

I pulled the door open, but his fist slammed down, slamming it shut.

“I don’t want…to let you go.” He pressed his body against mine. “I don’t want to.” He shook his head and inched his lips towards mine.

“Don’t do that,” I whispered.

He pressed his forehead to mine and let his hands wander up to caress my cheek. As soon as his lips brushed against mine, my whole plan of resistance completely disappeared. His tongue darted out and ran along my bottom lip.

“Edward…” I mumbled against his lips.

My fingers fisted onto his shirt and pulled him closer.

“Edward!” Alice called from outside. His lips froze on mine and he pulled back an inch.

“Be right out…” He called, keeping his eyes on me. They were hooded and as intense as I’ve ever seen them. “I’m not finished with you yet.”

He slipped the door open behind me and slid out, leaving me more confused than ever. I buried my face in my hands and slid down the back of the door.

“God what the fuck are you doing Bella?” I shook my head and cursed again.

So it seems as though Edward made a little hiccup in his relationship with Bella. I could think of a million ways for him to make it up to her though ; ) We've also got another tennis lesson coming up. The chapter will be posted on Sunday.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

GSM Tease: Chapter 4

I tried to drown out anything but the music, but I couldn’t shake this feeling of someone watching me. As Jake spun me around I spotted Edward at the bar. He was leaned against it, sipping on a drink, his eyes searing into Jake. I had a feeling they weren’t on friendly terms.

Jake spun me around again and again, his hand slipping lower on my back each time. I shuddered a little as his hands grazed over my ass.

“Jake, I really don’t think…” I started.

“Can I cut in?” Edward asked, suddenly beside us. His nostrils flared as he reached for me, almost like he was staking his claim.

“Cullen,” Jake mumbled.

“Black.” Edward nodded and whisked me away.

“Why’d you do that?” I asked once we were far enough away.

“I didn’t like him…touching you like that.”

“Why not?” I asked. I already knew the answer. It didn’t take much to see that Edward was competitive, possessive. I had no idea why he was acting that way with me, but the signs were clear.

“So are you having fun?” He asked, changing the subject.

“I guess so. Alice disappeared.” I shrugged my shoulders as we swayed slowly to the music. Edward pulled me closer and I instinctively rested my chin on his shoulder.

He laughed under his breath and gestured towards the dark corner to our right. I instantly spotted Alice’s outfit mashed up against some guy. His leather jacket was almost halfway off from their intense make out session.

“Who the hell is…” I stopped when I recognized Jasper’s mess of hair. “Oh God…” My eyes grew wide as I pulled back, trying not to laugh.

“They’ve been meeting every night,” he whispered in my ear.

“Well that puts a lot of things into perspective,” I laughed, remembering how tired and cranky he’d been lately. He’d been sneaking out to do God knows what with Alice.

Edward smiled and nestled his cheek against mine. I closed my eyes, relishing the feeling of his skin next to mine. The song ended, but he didn’t move. His hands gripped tighter onto my hips and pulled them towards his.

“No wonder Black wanted to put his hands all over you, you look delicious.”

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Game, Set, Match Teaser 2

Hey guys! So I wasn't really planning on doing this, since I've already given you a teaser for it and I won't be posting it until at least August, but I was so completely overwhelmed by all of your support for CoC that I've decided to give you yet ANOTHER teaser for this upcoming story. Thank you for everything you do, Tennisward looks forward to seeing you in the fall.

A soft laugh came from behind me, scaring me so much that I spun around and screamed.“Yeah I know, that serve was really scary,” Edward said sarcastically, raising his eyebrows at me.
“I uh….I didn’t know you were still here.”

He leaned back against the wall and crossed his arms. “Just wanted to get some extra training in. What are you doing here? Besides pissing off the tennis Gods.”

“I was taking some pictures and I just…I wanted to try.” I shrugged as he started towards me. I was sure he was going to rip the racquet out of my hands and tell me to go do “Hail Mary’s” at the net, but he didn’t.

“How’s your grip?” He asked.

I choked back my surprise. “Excuse me?”

“Your grip. On the racquet. Let me see it.”

“Oh.” I held out my hand and suddenly his fingers were brushing over mine, twisting and contorting them the way he wanted them to be.

“Like this,” he said. “Okay now step up to the base line.”

“The what line?”

“The base line,” he laughed. “It’s this back one here.” He walked over to demonstrate the geography of the court. “You always serve from the base line.”

“Base line. Got it.” I nodded and tried to commit that to memory.

“Well, you have to come over here,” he laughed. I didn’t realize I was still standing a few feet from him.

I laughed nervously and walked the few steps over to him.

“Okay.” I jumped when he unexpectedly put his hands on my hips and spun me around, facing away from him. “Stand like this. Legs spread a little.” He nudged his foot between my legs and gently kicked my left one forward. I felt his body incredibly close to mine. As I bent my legs, my butt accidentally brushed against him. He must have had some left over tennis balls in his pocket.

He cleared his throat and sighed before continuing with his lesson.

“Grab a ball.” He nodded towards the cart.

“Just give me one from your pocket…”

“I don’t have any in my pocket.”

Oh sweet baby Jesus. Those were not tennis balls in his pocket, he was just happy to see me. Oh my God. I touched it. With my butt. I touched it with my butt. I gulped hard and reached out to the cart to grab a ball.

“Now the toss is very important…” he purred into my ear as I stepped forward. His finger inched along my arm and came to rest under my hand. He reached both of our arms forward. I unconsciously leaned my body slightly back towards him. “The ball should be about this far away from you and when you throw it, try to make it go as straight and as high up as possible.” He gripped my hand tightly from underneath and demonstrated the motion. “Try a few.”

I tossed a few, watching them go higher and straighter each time. It definitely wasn’t perfect, but it was a far cry from that disaster that occurred right before he got here.

“Now we’re going to hit it.” He grabbed my other hand and forced the racquet behind my back, elbow sticking straight up in the air. “After you toss the ball, watch it until it’s at its highest point. And as it’s coming back down just…hit it.” He showed me the hitting motion a few times, each time brushing his body even closer to mine. I even felt him lean in and smell my hair. “Ready to try?”

“I guess so.”

He stepped back and I instantly missed the heat of his body against mine.

I tossed the ball up and took another swing at it. At least I hit the ball this time. I wasn’t ready to join the ranks of the pros yet, but I think the Tennis Gods might forgive me.

“That was better.” Edward smiled and stepped in front of me. “It really helps if you twist your hips more.” He grabbed my hips once more and forced them around to the front. “Kind of like….fuck the air I don’t know.” He laughed under his breath.

I expected his hands to release me, but he didn’t. My eyes traced down his exposed forearms and down to his magic fingers, which were now rubbing soft, gentle circles on my hipbones. He pulled me closer, so close that my chest bumped against his.

“What are you doing?” I asked, trying to tell myself to back away. I couldn’t do this with him.

“Giving you a tennis lesson.”

“No you aren’t,” I laughed darkly.

“Yes I am.” He ran his finger along my jaw and I fought to keep my eyes from fluttering shut. “And I’m also trying to seduce you…We should get you in a tennis dress next time.”

“I’m not seducible…” I whispered.

“I think you’re wrong…” He inched his face closer to mine. Think quick Bella.

“So how does scoring work?” I blurted out the moment his eyes closed.

He sighed and snapped his jaw shut. “Love, fifteen, thirty, forty…”


“Yeah.” He opened his eyes and stared at me. “Love means nothing.”