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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eclipse Review

So I know this isn't necessarily related to GSM but I wanted to say what I thought about Eclipse so if you're interested great, if not no worries.

Warning: Again if you do not want to know ANYTHING about the movie in particular please don’t read it. I will be discussing certain scenes and although there shouldn’t be any spoilers plot wise, if you don’t want to know anything then stop reading right now.

Okay, so for starters I thought I should do a quick overview of how I reacted to the first two movies, just as a base. I like them, I think they’re fun to watch. However I thought there were A LOT of problems with them. I’m not one of those fans who nit picks little things because I realize that they have to change some things when you translate things from book to screen. It’s going to happen. That being said, I feel like in Twilight especially they took that to a whole other level. I was really disappointed in the development of Edward and Bella’s relationship and honestly if I hadn’t read the books I would have wondered why the hell they were so in love. Although I thought New Moon was a little melodramatic in the music, I thought they did a better job of developing Jake and Bella’s relationship there, so as Team Edward I was a little pissed that I found that to be a better movie in that aspect.

Okay moving onto Eclipse. So Eclipse is my favorite book of the series. I’ve read it the most times out of any. I love the intensity between Edward and Jacob, I love the backgrounds of the Cullens, love the intensity of Edward and Bella’s relationship, love the action. After the first two movies being a slight disappointment, And since this was my favorite book I felt like I was going to be a little more critical with it than the first two. I’ll just say I went in expecting the worst, and hoping for the best. I only say that because I thought the previews for the first two looked good and like I said was a little disappointed in the final project. Let me just say…Eclipse does not disappoint. That script that was "leaked" is very similar to the movie, but not exact. I know a lot of people did not like that script, but I thought it actually translated very well on screen.

The opening scene grabs you right away. It shows Riley being attacked and it’s a really intense part. It’s dark and rainy and you really feel the suspense. I really liked Riley the whole way through, he played his part extremely well and I was really happy with him, except for the fact that he was trying to kill people I like.

The acting in Eclipse is far superior to the first two, Kristen especially. I barely even recognized her (acting wise). There weren’t as many long pauses, or excessive blinking. I didn’t mind it before but it was a little distracting so I thought she improved really well on that. The only thing I literally hated about this entire movie was Bella’s wig. It didn’t look as bad as I was expecting but there were a few scenes that it was really distracting. In the long run, didn’t bring down the movie though. It’s just hair.

Rob looks stunning in this movie. I thought he looked terrible in New Moon, which is hard for me to say because it’s Rob, but it was true. They put him in terrible clothes and caked the makeup on and I just thought it made him look terrible. He’s truly back to his Twilight form or maybe even better in Eclipse. The clothes, hair, makeup is perfect. I also felt like Edward was a lot more playful in some of his scenes than he was before, which is something that I missed from the books. I felt like they wrote Edward as too brooding in Twilight and New Moon. He has a fun side and I think that was missing until now.

Jacob was Jacob. I’m not on Team Jacob as far as Bella goes, but I don’t hate him. His scenes with Bella were fun and intense. Seeing him interact with Edward more was interesting. The only thing I would say about Jake was it was really weird hearing him swear. I don’t know why it just sounded like it shouldn’t be coming out of his mouth, I know I’m odd.

Now for Jasper. Jasper, Jasper, Jasper. He is my favorite character in this whole series and let me just say he completely steals this movie, which makes me happy because he was barely in the first two. He’s a complete badass in the fight scenes and I loved seeing him more in his element. And I can’t even tell you how happy I was to see some cute Jalice moments. I think they are amazing and Stephenie should write their book.

And a short note about Charlie. Amazing like always. I don’t even think I have to say anything else.

I thought the flashbacks were perfect. In the book I thought they dragged on a little too long, but in the movie they’re perfect. It was cool to see Rosalie and Jasper in the past and see where they came from. It’s not too overbearing and you don’t get lost in them, which I was worried about.

The music and score was so well done, I loved it. Fit really well with each scene and wasn’t too much. Loved the wardrobe in general.

Now a few of my favorite scenes:

The sex talk with Charlie was hilarious. Billy played it so well and I actually felt the embarrassment that Bella felt.

The leg hitch. So much hotter than I was expecting. In fact the whole movie was quite a bit hotter in that department than I was expecting which I was happy about.

The brief graduation scene was great. Jessica’s speech was awesome. Seeing Edward in a graduation cap, priceless.

And of course the big fight at the end. I thought it was intense and very well done. I actually really liked how they portrayed the vampires and how they die. It’s different from the first two slightly, but I’m willing to overlook the continuity because I thought it was great. They literally can shatter like marble. For example in the big fight at the end, Emmett basically punches a newborn in the head so hard that it just shatters. Edward going all WWE badass on Riley and Victoria was awesome.

The rest of the audience seemed to receive it really well. They laughed when they were supposed to and I don’t think there were any “spidermonkey” or awkward Alice vision moments at all. And there were a lot more guys there than I was expecting and they actually looked like they really got into it so its definitely a guy friendly movie.

So overall I’d give it like a 4.5 out of 5. Definitely best of the series and I already want to go see it again. The way I judge if it was a good adaptation of the book is if I get the same feeling watching it that I got reading the book. That didn’t happen for the first 2, it definitely happened with this one. Not that I need to tell you but, go see it : )

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